About IPMA-HR Greater KC Chapter

The IPMA-HR Greater KC Chapter is a non-profit organization comprised of human resource professionals from area cities, counties, state, federal, and non-profit organizations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

  • To provide a forum for persons engaged in public administration.
  • To provide a medium for professional development, mutual self-improvement and growth through the exchange of ideas, information and experiences with peers in human resources.
  • To provide a medium for mutual professional development by exchanging information, ideas, and experiences.
  • To provide a medium for mutual professional development by exchanging information, ideas, and experiences.
  • To interpret human resource information and communicate to the general public.
  • To support national objectives and programs of IPMA-HR.

The formation of the IPMA-HR Greater KC Chapter was the work of several individuals: Richard Krueger (U.S. Office of Personnel Management), Tom Lewinsohn (City of Kansas City,MO), and James Witkop (U.S. Office of Personnel Management). Other key members included Larry Harkness (City of Kansas City, MO), and Pat Brazil (U.S. Department of Labor).

Pat Brazil was appointed as the Chapter's first President. The Chapter's charter was officially filed with IPMA-US on July 1, 1975, even though the progression toward the development of the Chapter began in the early 1970s when the Chapter's "founding fathers" started crossing paths with one another.

The IPMA-HR Greater KC Chapter now serves as a clearing house and source for human resources research, information, surveys, studies, and best practices. Locally the organization has grown to be recognized as an outstanding resource for public sector and non-profit human resources professionals by providing developmental, networking, and educational opportunities.


Steve Smith
City of Pleasant Valley, MO


Christy Mann
City of Kansas City, MO


Shawn Aulgur
City of Raymore, MO

Program Chair

Casey Campbell
City of North Kansas City


Erika Colacicco
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office


Matthew Chapman
City of Pleasant Valley, MO


Leslie G. Fortney
City of Olathe, KS


Leslie Herring
Westwood, KS

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